CHP: A Clean Energy Solution

What is CHP?

low angle photography of transmitter tower

Combined heat and Power (CHP) is a better solution for our country’s energy supply, economy, and environment. CHP is an advanced and highly- efficient approach to generating electric power and useful thermal energy from a single fuel right at the point of use. Every CHP application involves recovering otherwise-wasted thermal energy and putting it to use for heating, cooling, process thermal energy, or electricity. CHP already supplies over 10% of our nation’s electricity, and can and should supply more.

Who’s using CHP?

CHP already accounts for nearly 10 percent of our nation’s energy – numbering over 4,000 local, clean, and efficient systems and counting – and we have the potential for far more.

Benefits of CHP

For owners

✔ Improved fuel efficiency – up to 2/3 savings in fuel costs
✔ Improved power quality & reliability
✔ Improved energy cost predictability
✔ Business continuity
✔ Energy security

For society

✔ Reduced land-use impacts and NIMBY objectives
✔ Reduced fresh water use
✔ Optimized natural gas use and reduced price volatility
✔ Support of competitive electricity market structure

For electric utilities

Reduced energy losses in transmission lines – current transmission losses are about 10%. CHP requires no remote transmission and therefore sustains no transmission losses & ncillary benefits including voltage support & stability, contingency reserves and black start capability

Technical Assistance

Are you considering a CHP project? We offer complimentary screenings, technical assistance, and expert advice to help determine if CHP is a good fit for your site, technically and financially. Contact Us to set up a screening or ask us a question.

We also offer technical assistance for facilities facing new Boiler MACT requirements, including site visits to discuss and assess strategies, help on running the numbers, and info on funding and financing.