New Hampshire


Today, New Hampshire currently has 17 CHP sites. Of the 17, 2 are located in hospitals or healthcare centers, 3 in colleges or universities, and 2 are in textile plants, among other uses. Altogether, these systems boast a capacity of 46.768MW. This information along with further details can be found at the U.S. DOE Combined Heat and Power Installation Database.

In a study conducted by the Department of Energy in March 2016, it was apparent New Hampshire's CHP capacity still has room to grow. New Hampshire has 447 MW of overall CHP capacity identified at 1,363 sites.

Policy & Incentives

New Hampshire has a number of programs and incentives designed to promote and support new and existing CHP projects. CHP qualifies for the state's Renewable Portfolio Standard if fueled with biomass. In addition, renewably fueled CHP can receive "useful thermal energy" output credit for its electricity output. For more information, visit Commercial CHP projects may be eligible for financing assistance through the Clean Energy Fund. Finally, CHP may also qualify for net metering, but this is capped at 4 MW of aggregate capacity statewide.



There are four regulated electric utilities in New Hampshire. The New Hampshire PUC keeps a list of contact information for the electric utilities it regulates:

  • Public Service Company of New Hampshire (PSNH), a subsidiary of Northeast Utilities, serves approximately 70 percent of the retail customers in New Hampshire.
  • Granite State Electric Company (GSEC), a subsidiary of National Grid, serves approximately 6 percent of New Hampshire retail customers, primarily in western and southern areas of New Hampshire.
  • Unitil  Energy Systems (UES), a subsidiary of Unitil Corporation, serves approximately 11 percent of New Hampshire’s retail customers, in the Seacoast and Capital areas.
  • New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC) serves about 11 percent of retail customers, in central New Hampshire.

Map of New Hampshire Utility Service Territories

Natural gas is available in some areas of New Hampshire.