CHP Installations and Success Stories

The new Smith College Cogeneration Plant is housed in an existing central power plant. Its power process systems include a Solar Centaur® 40 combustion gas turbine, a Rentech heat recovery steam generator, a 65,000-lb/hr low-emissions packaged boiler, new control room and auxiliary equipment. The Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) uses the exhaust heat from the gas turbine to produce steam for campus heating in the winter and chilled water production in the summer using steam absorption in addition to existing electrically driven chillers. Two existing 55,000-lb/hr, oil/gasfired, packaged Keystone boilers, provide backup and additional steam capacity to meet campus demand. A 10- inch main steam transmission line connects the plant to the 110 buildings on campus through 5 miles of underground piping. When the gas turbine is generating power at its full 3.5 MW capacity, the HRSG is capable of producing 20,000 lb/hr of 125 psig steam.