CHP Installations and Success Stories

Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut has a central energy plant which provides electricity, heating and cooling for the main passenger terminals at the airport. The facility has been in operation since 2002 and features four Waukesha engine-generators. The engines were supplied by Dresser Waukesha’s distributor Kraft Power Corporation of Woburn, Mass. Byproduct waste heat is used for heating and to power a 500-ton Trane single-stage hot water absorption chiller, which supplies chilled water year round for the airport. Two years ago the facility started the process to add the fourth engine, a Waukesha APG2000, rated at 1.9 MWe output natural gas-fired internal combustion engine (IC) and heat recovery hot water boiler. 800°F exhaust from the new engine and 1200°F exhaust heat from the existing IC engines is used to generate 220°F hot water used by the airport. This cogeneration plant was constructed in one year, within an existing building originally used for food preparation by the airlines.